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World Stitches (WS) was launched in 2015 with a simple mission, use fashion to blend the cultures of Africa, with modern and trendy styles. Our handpicked and often handmade choices appeal to the savvy professional and fashionista.

Each piece of fabric and jewelry is hand-selected to provide an authentic and exclusive personal style and ensure that our customers are both very well dressed and have a story to tell.

In just two short years our designs have been featured on many red carpets.

About the brand World Stitches

World Stitches was founded during a yearlong sabbatical where we fell in love for the continent of Africa. While on the continent we discovered the beautiful textiles and craftsmanship of the mostly women owned shops.


While traveling I was amazed by the resilient stories I found on the continent and astonished to learn how many female entrepreneurs were building small business and changing the quality of their lives. Today, over 90% of our products support independent, women owned shops, designers and entrepreneurs.

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